Caydo 4 Pieces 4 Size Screen Printing Frame

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  • Screen Printing Frame
  • Screen-Printing
  • Receiving List: 4 pieces of silk screen wood frame with 110 mesh that is clean and presents a great printing effect
  • Size (approx.): The inner size of the screen printing frame are 9 x 5.1 inch, 10.6 x 6.7 inch, 12.2 x 8.2 inch, 14 x 10 inch
  • Durable Material: The screen printing frame is made of light wood which is thin, stable, durable, and easy to paint and clean. Reusable after cleaning so that can be applied for a long time
  • Convenient Operation: Screen printing frames are suitable for students, adults and beginners, quickly realize screen printing design at home, classroom
  • Wide Application: Screen printing wood frame is ideal for customizing exclusive designs and logos and other personalization, such as T-shirts, handkerchiefs and handbags, to achieve DIY creation

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