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Address:401, 4th Floor, Building 4, Xili Xinyuan Industrial Zone, No. 35 Wenyuan Street, Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Under normal circumstances, we require two business days to prepare your order. After that, we will send the tracking code to your email, which you can use to track the shipment.

  • If you have received the tracking code, you can use it to track your shipment.
  • If you haven't received the tracking code yet, please provide your order number or the name/email you used when placing the order. We will check the logistics information for you.

If you intend to request a refund, please read our policy and ensure that you meet the refund conditions. Contact us to obtain a return code. Write down your return code and return it with the package. After receiving the package, we will contact you for a refund. We do not accept refunds without a return code.

If you wish to become our distributor, please provide us with detailed information about your situation. For example, specify your sales channels (online, brick-and-mortar stores, department stores, etc.), the number of employees, your business operations, and which of our products you are interested in. Once we receive your information, a dedicated representative will contact you.

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